Organized workshops for “Promotion of Entrepreneurships”

During the months of November and December, partners of SPIDE, including the Integrated Business Institute, the Faculty of Administration – University of Ljubljana and Ekonomikas un Kulturas Augstskola have organized workshops for the promotion of entrepreneurship among students. The workshops were organized under the Erasmus+ project and SPIDE project, more specifically as activity of Key Component 2, which is the International Career Center for Entrepreneurship.

The workshops lasted 2 days and 8 hours, and students from the 3 partner institutions were present. The theme of the workshop was “Promotion of Entrepreneurship”, with a special focus on young people who still have to enter the business community. The workshops included teachers from the respected faculties and experts from the business community as guest lecturers.

During the workshop, students worked on brainstorming, generating ideas and group discussions, and the final product was developing a business plan with all the basic elements. All materials will be made available free of charge on the newly established Online Resource Hub, also a part of the SPIDE project.