Maximizing the Outreach of SPIDE results by Successful Organization of a Multiplier Event

As part of the SPIDE project activities, a Multiplier Event was organized at the premises of the Integrated Business Faculty on the 4th December.

The event drew a significant attention not only from directly involved project team members, but from all interested parties, including students which were the main target group of the project.

The event was separated into several sessions: In the first session representatives from the project coordinator, Integrated Business Institute, presented general project results, experiences and learned lessons from the implementation of the project activities. In the next session, each of the project components was presented by respective project team members, and students involved in the StudentHub also shared their experiences. Finally, at the last session representatives from the other project partners: Faculty of Administration (University of Ljubljana), College of Economics and Culture (Riga, Latvia), and University of Applied Sciences (Kehl, Germany), took parts in presenting their roles and project experiences to the public.

This event had the aim of presenting the project results and achievements to all interested stakeholders, and inform everyone of the sustainable benefits from the implemented activities.