SPIDE Final Event: Summarizing Project Results and Finalizing Project Tasks

As part of the SPIDE project activities, a Final event was organized at the premises of the Integrated Business Institute and Integrated Business Faculty on the 5-6 December. The event had the aim of finalizing all project details, and marked the start of the preparation of the final report. At the event at least one project team member was present from each of the partnering institutions: Integrated Business Institute (project coordinator), Faculty of Administration (University of Ljubljana), College of Economics and Culture (Riga, Latvia), and University of Applied Sciences (Kehl, Germany).

During the first day of the final event, all the major budgetary and administrative issues were raised and discussed. All mutual project issues among the partners were successfully resolved, and deadlines for the completion of administrative tasks were set. Further, the project team members presented the implementation of each of the major project components and sub-tasks in each of them. On 6th December, the partners shared their own experiences and views on the implementation of SPIDE, and the conversation covered other project relevant issues, such as: sustainability, additional promotion and project activities undertaken by each of the partners, further collaboration and project ideas.

The final event, was a crown of what it was a very fruitful project experience for everyone, and particularly useful for the target group members, not only throughout the implementation period, but for the following years.