First International Erasmus+ Week in Skopje!


From the 8th to 12thof April, 2019, the Integrated Business Faculty (IBF) and the Integrated Business Institute (IBI) organized the first International Erasmus + Week. The event lasted for 5 days, and it was attended by 34 participants from 20 universities from 7 different European countries (Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, Romania, Croatia and the Republic of Northern Macedonia). The participants were part of administrative and teaching staff and participated in various activities during the international week.


The week began with a welcome speech from the directors of IBF and IBI, as well as presentation by representatives of the National Agency for European Programs and Mobility. In the following days, workshops and group sessions were organized for the exchange of experiences related to Erasmus+ programs (Key Action 1 and Key Action 2), opportunities for future collaborative projects, sessions focused on student affairs, career center, etc. The professors who visited the International Week held guest lectures for students from IBF and IBI during the week.


On the last day of the International Week, the first International Conference on Sustainable Development in Business and Economy was organized.

The participants received certificates and with positive experiences they ended the week and their visit to the Republic of Northern Macedonia. The International Week was organized through the Erasmus + Mobility and Exchange Program.