Postgraduate studies 2018/2019

The Integrated Business Institute has a full accreditation for conducting two-year (3+2) and one-year (4+1) post-graduate studies. This offers an opportunity to both students with three and four years of undergraduate studies to get enrolled, and obtain a quality post-graduate education.

IBI has an accreditation to conduct post-graduate studies in one of the four fields:

  • Financial Management
  • Business Economics

Choosing the type of post-graduate studies depends on the candidates’ preference and the vision for his professional career.

Financial Management – the candidates interested in this post-graduate programme will gain quality knowledge in the operations of Central and commercial banks, portfolio management and securities, financial analysis and managerial accounting, managing international finances, and managing company’s finances.


Business Economics – the candidates choosing this programme will obtain quality knowledge on the functioning and importance of SME’s and the private sector, on managing SME’s, and an advanced background in microeconomics. Additionally the students will improve their skills in business decision-making.

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