I semester
No. Code Courses
Classes (per week) ECTS
 1. Env700 Applied research methods 4+2 10
 2. Fin 720 Financial Analysis and Managerial Accounting for Business Decision Making 4+2 10
 3. Fin 740 Management with International Business Finance 6+0 10
Total ECTS 30



II semester
No. Code Subject Classes (per week) ECTS
1.   Elective course 5
2.   Elective course 5
Two elective courses are selected from the following list
Bus 710 Price policy and Cost Management 6+0
Fin 730 Financing and managing small businesses 5+0
Fin 700 Corporate finances 4+2
Fin 770 Franchise, leasing and other non-bank sources of financing 6+0
Bus 420 Business Planning and Control 4+2
Preparation of master thesis 20
Total ECTS 30

 Overall, the number of acquired credits, exams and master’s thesis is 60 ECTS, distributed as follows:

Total ECTS from courses 40
ECTS from master thesis 20
Total ECTS 60
*The study program is accredited by the Board for Accreditation and Evaluation of Higher Education of the Republic of Macedonia, the procedure for obtaining a solution for starting work is in progress.