PhD Studies

The Integrated Business Institute has the first accredited PhD studies, in the field of Economics and Sustainable Development. Choosing IBI, for PhD studies provides important benefits for the candidates, which differentiate IBI from its competitors:

  • Capabilities for analysis and diagnosis of concrete situations at global, national, local and company level
  • Ability for research and applied activities
  • Highly developed level of integral social, environmental and economic logic in decision making at any level
  • Ability to develop and enhance creativity and innovation within the team work
  • Capability to apply scientific methods and procedures in solving specific practical problems
  • Providing consulting services in the field of sustainable development at macro, middle and micro level.

The PhD Studies at the Integrated Business Institute are academic and consist of two phases which should be fully and successfully implemented over three academic years, i.e. six semesters.

The first phase consists of studies and research for two semesters (first year of study), while the second phase is the preparation and defense of the PhD dissertation, which has a duration of four semesters (second and third year of study).
When enrolling in PhD studies, the Council of PhD studies of IBI will assign a mentor from the list of mentors to the PhD candidate, in dependence of the area (subject) where the doctoral thesis belongs and the acceptance by the potential mentor.

In the first phase, the student acquires the status of candidate for Doctor of Economics (PhD candidate).

For more information about the PhD studies at IBI, please contact use through our contact form on the website, either through mail, or using the telephone number. The IBI administration will respond to all your inquiries promptly.