Creation of a Support Net for Local and Italian SMEs in Macedonia (FYROM), Bosnia-Herzegovina and Bulgaria

Ref 1 Project title Creation of a Support Net for Local and Italian SMEs in Macedonia (FYROM), Bosnia-Herzegovina and Bulgaria
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Informest Macedonia (FYROM), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria 307,198.53 100 8 Italian Ministry of Production Activities Law no. 84/01

Italian Ministry of Production Activities

August 2003 – February 2005 NA
Detailed description of the project Type of services provided
The main aim of the project is to promote economic growth and stabilization in Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Bulgaria, to create a favourable context for the development of local SMEs and to foster co-operation with Italian enterprises by developing further the existing support network for SMEs in the beneficiary countries.

The project main activity is the training of 15 persons already working in the SME support system in the three countries in order to improve the range of services available to entrepreneurs and thus encourage their international competitiveness.

The first project activity is the implementation of a detailed survey regarding the existing SME Support structure (i.e. agencies, centres) in Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Bulgaria. This activity has to be carried out by the local experts in each of the beneficiary countries. The local experts and the promoter must afterwards detect and analyse the training needs of the SME support structure and the overall needs of local SMEs in terms of assistance services. Once the picture of the current situation is clear, the suitable training programme for the operators dealing with SME assistance is set. The 15 most receptive and motivated candidates for the training will be selected from a list of significative organizations screened in the very beginning of the project. The participants will be trained in Italy and then will take part in internships in Italian development agencies and other SME support and assistance organizations.

In the final part of the project the participants will be given on-the-job assistance provided by an Italian expert in order to guarantee the correct implementation of newly acquired skills. Finally, an Intranet service is planned to be implemented. It shall represent a useful means of sharing experiences and problems.

● Provide Technical Assistance.

● Carry out research surveys.

● Provide qualified training to the beneficiaries.

● Organization of internships.

● Transfer of good practices.

● On-the-job assistance to the participants.

● Realization of an Intranet.

● Organization and Management.

● Monitoring, evaluation and reporting