Regional Socio-Economic Development Initiatives in Vojvodina – ISSER

Ref 7 Project title Regional Socio-Economic Development Initiatives in Vojvodina – ISSER
Name of candidate Country Overall project value (EUR) Proportion carried out by candidate (%) No of staff provided Name of client Origin of funding Dates (start/end) Name of partners if any
Informest Serbia and Montenegro 376,222.95 85 5 talian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Law No. 84/01

Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

January 2005 – August 2006 Region of Basilicata (I)

Sviluppo Italia Basilicata (I)

Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (SCG)

Detailed description of the project Type of services provided
Project objectives:

● Technical assistance in capacity building of local authorities for drafting a regional development strategy

● Enhancement of local entrepreneurship for the implementation of regional strategy objectives

● Creation of partnerships between the public and the private sectors in the activity of programming regional development strategies

● Spread knowledge of the methodology and increased use of feasibility studies in the procedures related to public expenditure

● Spread knowledge of resource programming methodology and of tender procedures methodology in disbursing of public aid to enterprises

● Creation of public – public and public – private partnerships for the creation and the implementation of projects coherent with the adopted regional strategies

Project Activities:

● Project management, co-ordination and monitoring

● Training of public officials and entrepreneurs on the topic of partnership building

● Training on the topic of feasibility studies and their implementation

● Training on the topic of public aid to enterprises in the EU through the use of public tenders

● Transfer of best practices for the promotion of SMEs and job creation

● Partnerships as a tool for identifying and implementing quality projects

● Transfer of best practices for integrated local development actions

● Project preparation, planning, budgeting and transnational implementation.

● Technical assistance in the activity of capacity building to local authorities in Vojvodina.

● Organisation of workshops and seminars.

● Qualified training for the beneficiaries.

● Transfer of best practices.

● Monitoring activity during the whole implementation of the project.

● Coordination of activities.

● Overall responsibility for project management.