Preparation of the “Eastern Anatolia Development Programme”

Ref 8 Project title Preparation of the “Eastern Anatolia Development Programme”
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Euromed Turkey 128 325 100 3 EC EC June – July 2001
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The general aim of the assignment was to prepare a programme, called Eastern Anatolia Development Programme (EADP) by which the European Union will support the Turkish Government in its efforts to modernise its regional policy and to improve the economic and social conditions of the people living in Eastern Anatolia provinces.More specifically, in collaboration with partners to be identified during this assignment, a pilot planning and implementation unit for regional development will be set up in the city of Van and, in parallel, various projects for agriculture, tourism and SMEs development will be supported. The programme also aims at supporting income generating activities, welfare and employment support in urban areas, as unemployment is one of the major problems in the big cities of the region due to extensive migration from rural areas. The EADP has been included in the priority projects for 2001 during the programming dialogue between Turkey and the European Commission, with a foreseen amount of 30-40 million euros for the programme. This assignment therefore proceeded, in close liaison with the Turkish authorities and stakeholders, to analyse the situation in Eastern Anatolia in terms of its position within the regional policy of turkey, and assess the needs in the field of tourism, agriculture, SMEs and development of employment opportunities. It then pursued defining a pilot approach for a regional development unit in Eastern Anatolia and to identifying projects to be carried out to contribute concretely to the development of the area. A special attention will be given to the possibilities of development of cultural and ecological tourism in the region, given the high potential of the region. Preparation of a programme in the field of Regional Development with a special focus on the sectors● SME Development

● Agriculture

● Tourism

The project comprised of two phases:

Phase I: identification of the programme components

Phase II: Elaboration of a draft financing proposal