Balcani online – The Balkans on-line

Ref 10 Project title Balcani online – The Balkans on-line
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Informest Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYROM, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro 575,945.10 46 4 Italian Ministry of Production Activities Law no. 84/01

Italian Ministry of Production Activities

August 2003 – March 2005 ICE (Italy)


Detailed description of the project Type of services provided
The Project aims at implementing an online information tool on the internet, i.e. a website that shall provide both the public and the enterprises with information concerning the state of accomplishment of Italian Laws for the reconstruction, the stabilization and the development of the Balkan area together with the EU development programmes and programmes of other international donors. At the same time the website will act as a conveyer of information originating both from institutional sources (Italian Organization for the Foreign Trade, Informest, Chamber of Commerce system, Ministries) and specialized international and Balkan area sources in order to establish a sole point of reference for the enterprises willing to operate in the whole area.

The main project objective is the realization of a support system for SMEs of the Balkan area through the concentration of all available information concerning Balkan countries (real time news, researches, surveys, statistical evaluations, business guides, risk assessments, business opportunities, information on tenders, etc.) with the aim of backing the competitiveness and the bringing up to date of the Italian economic system in the Balkans. Moreover, the project is aimed at qualifying the offer of information by referring to a vast network of Italian and international sources regarding the Balkan area and at building up an e-community on Balkan reconstruction issues through the diffusion of newsletters and the setting up of discussion groups, online forums, etc.

● Project design, organization and management.

● Co-ordination of project activities.

● Design and management of the website.

● Collecting information from a wide range of sources, selection of collected data and publication in the website.

● Providing SMEs with online information, documents and news regarding the Balkan area.

● Promoting initiatives, projects and results implemented under Italian Law no. 84 and other concerning laws.

● Creation of an e-community (online forums, newsletters, discussion groups, videoconferences).

● Implementation of an intranet among the subjects involved in the activities foreseen by Law no. 84.

● Participation to monitoring and evaluation activity.