Republic of Serbia: Regional Socio-economic Development Initiatives Programme

Ref 12 Project title Republic of Serbia: Regional Socio-economic Development Initiatives Programme
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Informest Serbia 1,596,960.40 25 8 EAR

European Agency for Reconstruction


2003 Budget of the EAR

August 2003 – August 2005 Enterprise Plc (UK)

TripleLine (UK)

Facet BV (NL)

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The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the economical and social cohesion of all population groups in Serbia through promoting regional development strategies.

The technical assistance supports the development of public – private partnership for programming in the selected regions, the diffusion of a collaborative culture between various actors, and enhance the capacity of local institutions to promote social-economical activities, including integrated approaches to territorial local development. The established partnership structures, assisted by the project team, are steering, implementing and monitoring the whole range of project cycle. In parallel, to facilitate the partnership building process, the preparation of Regional Development Strategic Plans for each region is performed through the contribution of public and private stakeholders based on partnership priciples.

Other specific objectives of the project include the enhancement of local government capacity to improve the territorial infrastructure of the regions in order to secure the provision of adequate business services and the creation of favourable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship in all productive sectors of regional importance with particular emphasis on tourism development. The project aims also at encouraging local productive initiatives.

The experts will also be engaged in co-operation with local actors in designing an integrated programme aimed at fostering the development of the regions human capital, to promote the local socio-economic development and to create pathways to employment for vulnerable groups.

The consortium will also assist the beneficiaries in designing and implementing a pilot regional development fund, taking in due account EU best practices, structural fund principles and the EU Practical Guidelines for local development.

● Partnership development.

● Awareness raising of institutional and socio-economic stakeholders and local population.

● Capacity building of local authorities and social actors.

● Development Plan preparation, in strict co-operation with local institutions and partnerships.

● Training needs assessment of different groups of beneficiaries.

● Provide qualified training to different groups of beneficiaries.

● Provide on the job training and counselling services on different topics of local development

● SWOT analysis and needs assessment to support project actions, including tourism development.

● Preparation of manuals and best practices based on EU regional development and SF experience.

● Monitoring, evaluation and reporting.