Why is IBI the perfect choice?

The Integrated Business Institute is a special governing body, operating in partnership with the Integrated Business Faculty. IBF offers undergraduate studies based on the Integrated Business Curriculum (IBC) – study program taught at the State University of Idaho-USA, and in accordance with the Bologna criteria.

Bologna Idaho


The Integrated Business Institute is the perfect place for nurturing the talent, skills, and enhance the professional and intellectual capacity of its students. IBI’s faculty is composed on experienced professors, with a respectable knowledge in the relevant field. Additionally through frequent consultations and the openness of the professors, the students can gain constant information about the relevant course, help with the course materials, and guidance throughout the post-graduate and PhD studies.

IBI is one of the pioneer institutions in promoting Sustainable Development, Energy Efficiency, and utilization of renewable energy sources. The combination of environmental solutions and economics for improving economic development is the vision that IBI shares with all its candidates. The focus on environmental issues is integral for the functioning of each economy, and it is a focal part of each of the programmes, especially Environmental Economics.

The courses are taught from books and additional written materials from the leading sources and authorities in each of the fields. Course materials are available both in hard-copy and in electronic version, depending on the candidates? preference. The relevant literature and the availability of additional materials add to the quality of the obtained knowledge by the candidates.

The Integrated Business Institute provides a pleasant, comfortable, and quality education to its candidates. Chose to experience IBI, and make the right choice for Your future!