Business Planning and Control

The goal of this course is for students to gain knowledge of financial planning and control, to understand the concept of financial planning and the need for control; to master the skills of creating a strategic frame for the company and to master the ways of control implementation. For this goals to be accomplished, the course will focus on the analysis of the current condition in the company, strategy development of the firm, strategy development and implementation and strategic questions which are characteristic for small businesses.

This course expects mastering of the business plan development, problems of marketing and financial aspects of the business plan, as well as the realization of the business plan. Special focus is placed on the production planning, planning of the required materials and their scope, optimization of production technology and flexible control and planning.

Mandatory literature:

  1. William R. Lasher: Process to profits: Strategic planning for a growing business. 2005.
  2. Sid Kemp & Eric Dunbar: Budgeting for managers. 2003.