Franchising, Leasing and Other Non-banking Sources of Financing

The goal of this course is to present non-banking forms of firm financing. As part of this course the students will uncover the main characteristics of the most important non-banking financing sources which are of high importance for every manager. This course will obtain the importance of the trade credit, the characteristics of factoring and services firms offer which engage in this type of business, advantages and drawbacks of leasing, as well as the importance of international markets for financing sources.

This course will treat the term structure of interest rates and the causes for its existence, advantages and drawbacks of short-term and long-term indebtedness.

Mandatory literature:

  1. M.Forman: Factoring and finance. 2006.

Additional literature:

  1. P.Kucera: Leasing, factoring and forfaiting. 2001.